Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Managing Writer's Workshop: A Writing Process Chart

The summer is FLYING by! We have less than two weeks before teachers report. Yikes!
I am working to get some projects done before time runs out. My to-do list is a long one. 
We'll see what I can accomplish! 
I am happy to cross one project off my list. 
I just finished creating my Writing Process Chart.

I'll use this during Writer's Workshop time. It includes an explanation of the 5 stages of the writing process. 

Each student will have a clothespin with his or her name written on it. 
Students will get time daily to work on independent writing. We will use their pin to record where they are in the process. 

I think this will become a helpful management tool for teachers and students.  

It will help me monitor who is making progress through the process and who has stalled. 

This set is now available in my TPT Store.
If interested, click the link below!

This chart works well with the Writer's Note Sheets. These will help guide my writing mini lessons which are intended to build skill in all areas of the writing process. 
Students can document their learning and refer back to it as needed as they work their drafts through the stages. 
You can check it out here: 

Now on to a math project.
I'll post as I get things done so come back for a visit!

What are you doing to get prepared for the 2015-2016 school year? 
I'd love to hear!