Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Field Trip Follow Up Freebie

Do you ever play "Thorns and Roses" with your students? It's a simple sharing game that is great for the end of a day or week. All kids do is tell what their "thorn" was for the day (bad thing that happened) and what the "rose" of the day was (good thing that happened). 

So my thorn for the day is that it stayed rainy, cool and cloudy all day...which isn't bad, but it is spring break and you know how precious each and every day is when you are on vacation from school. The rose has been that I have actually gotten some work done. Haven't touched my lesson plan book, but have finished up some files and am actually posting on the blog. 

A definite "rose" for my students this spring was our field trip. We went to the Science Museum of Richmond this spring. It is a children's museum and is a great place for kids to be kids. They had a great time exploring and investigating all the hands on exhibits. We also got to view an IMAX movie on the Pandas inside the domed Imax Theater. I know this was a new experience for many of my students. Afterwards I had my students fill out a response sheet describing their trip in words and pictures. We posted them on our "Roaring Good Writers" board for each other to read.


I'm sharing this open ended field trip response sheet for anyone who would like to use it. 
I've posted it as a free item on my TPT store. 
Check it out by clicking the link here:  

I'd love to hear from other Virginia teachers. 
Where do you take your third graders on field trips?
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