Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Poetry : Fluency and Comprehension Practice

It's April! One of my favorite months on the year. We had blue skies and warm temperatures this weekend. There are signs of spring all around, little flowers pushing out from the ground, the sound of lawn mowers getting yards ready for planting season. I love it all. 

I'm forcing myself to slow down and enjoy what's around me.  Long walks in the sunshine help to evaporate the stress from my body. It's hard to feel down when you are surrounded by so much beauty. Today I looked up from my prayer walk and saw this: 

I took it as a reminder that He is always present and ready to give me the rest I need so I can carry on. This can be a hectic time of year for teachers as we realize the year is passing us by and we begin cramming for end of the year tests. Taking time for ourselves is good for our health and that's good for our students. 

With spring in mind, I bundled up some spring poems that my students will read and respond to this month. I've created "test like" questions that will give students practice while keeping the focus on real reading.  I've added it to my TPT store. 
You can check it out here if interested: 


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