Sunday, January 7, 2018

Let it Snow! A Writing Activity

We've been off from school for the last four days but looks like temperatures are on the rise and we'll be heading back tomorrow. I can't can be tough coming back after a break. To make it easier, I like having plans ready to go and I always pick something that will be fun for me to teach and that my third graders will enjoy working on.  I'm sure my kids will want to tell me all about their little snow vacation so we will spend time sharing what we did on our snow days using this writing project. 
We will start day one with brainstorming. 
Here students will brain dump all the possible fun things you can do on a snow day. 

Looks a bit different from what mine would look like....binge watching The Crown, lounging on the couch, eating snacks, searching pinterest, drinking hot beverages, etc, etc.....
HMM...maybe it's a good thing this break is over!

The next step is to further plan out their writing by using a sequence flow chart. They will draw their visualization and add a verb to tell what they did first, second, third, etc. 

One of our reading goals has been to be able to read and comprehend procedural texts. We have read a bunch of "How To's": craft directions and recipes.  We will set this writing up using a procedural text format.  They will write an introduction, list the materials needed for a fun snow day, then write directions for someone to follow.  

I will  have them design a pair of paper boots for an art activity.  It is amazing how creative third graders are...each pair will be unique. 
Click the link below if you are interested in trying out this lesson with your kiddos. 

Enjoy your time with your students!  Have a great week!


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