Saturday, January 13, 2018

Show Me the Money Skills : Counting Coins and Making Change

Show me the money! 
I can't say that enough to my third graders. They have been struggling with their accuracy when counting a collection of coins. There is no taking shortcuts when working with this skill.  I find they are much more successful when they show the money by drawing it and adding it.  We practice the counting on strategy too, but when faced with problems on tests (especially on the computer), I require them to use this alternative approach. 

Can we talk a minute about how crazy hard the money standards and problems are these days? 
The example above is actually easy compared to something like this: 

Or how about this: 

These multistep problems are the ones our third graders are supposed to be able to solve by the end of the year.  
Needless to say, we have some practicing to do! 
I'm running guided math groups several days a week which gives me an opportunity to squeeze in more practice of skills we have already covered. 
If we leave it for too long, they'll forget it!
Playing games takes the drudgery out of it and can make the practice fun. 
Here is one that we like called "Packing Lunch". This game comes with a set of lunch food cards. 
Kids draw two cards and place it in their lunch bag.  Then they figure out how much change they would get back if they paid with a $5.00.  The person who has saved the most money wins the round. 

They like playing it and seeing what lunches they get to pack.
I like seeing them cross those pesky zeroes when they do the subtraction problem. 
Another skill we can never practice enough!

I've uploaded a file with a bunch of money practice pages and games that I like using with my kids.
It's now in my TPT store. 
You can check here if interested in using it with your third graders. 
Click the link below. 


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