Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Math Stations and Multiplication

Ha! I've got math on my brain tonight. I got to take a whole day to visit other schools in our county to observe Math Stations and Guided Math! I LOVE seeing other teachers' classrooms. Such an inspiration! On top of that, I get to go to a conference on Math Stations. I'm stuck on which one to go to. I can go see Debbie Diller present Math Stations next month. I've seen her at her Reading Conferences and love her! I'm not sure if her math conference will lean too much on the young side though. I really want to get into how to make it work for my third graders. I found another conference called "Guided Math and it is geared for 3-6 grade. Which one do I do? Has anyone seen the Debbie Diller one? Would love your help in making my decision!!
Here are the two books I base my math stations/guided math on:
I think they are both really good.

So with math on my mind, I thought I'd share a multiplication station I've been running. Do you have JUNK BAGS? This idea is way old...I'm going back to the days of Math Their Way. Talk about a good workshop! Do they still run those? Anyway, some of my junk bags are seriously old. I've been replenishing with some new bags. I've found the best place to go is to Michaels or AC Moore or other craft stores.

As part of my whole group mini lesson on the set model of multiplication, I read this gem:

This is a Marilyn Burns book and you just can't go wrong with her stuff! Here is the super simple, yet effective practice that I did as the follow up to the reading and for a math station.

It uses the game board shown, a bag of "JUNK", dice and a recording sheet.

Oh, we also used a calculator in this station to check answers after we were all done.

The student rolls the dice and that number represents the number of groups. The second roll of the dice represents the number to put into each group. The player shows those equal sets with their "junk" on their game board and then records the number equation on the recording sheet.

Then player two goes and follows the same procedure. After the rounds the players add up all the products to see who got the highest score.

This game comes from a book on math games so I didn't copy it for you. I'm not entirely sure on the rules and regulations for stuff like that. I'm guessing it's copy righted and I may end up in jail if I post it???? Take a look at the board game. I'm thinking you could whip up something similar!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am not familiar with either workshops so I can't offer advice, but please post updates with ideas from the conference! :)


  2. This looks awesome! I was wondering if that book was any good. Now I know that it seems like it's pretty great. I might have to check it out. You seem like you have some great stuff going on in your classroom.

  3. Cute ideas! I am always looking for something "new" to keep their interests sparked and engaged. The same ol' stuff gets boring after a while.

  4. I'm planning to implement math stations in my third grade class. Which of the books above do you recommend and which conference did you choose? Thanks!

  5. What is the name of the math game book that the "Groups Galore" worksheet comes from?