Saturday, August 11, 2012

Civics and Government Lapbook: A Make and Take Study Guide

Yikes! Time is getting away from me.  School is right around the corner and there is much I have not accomplished.   I feel the need to keep time with my kids and family a priority so some projects have been left undone.  I'm OK with that but did want to honor a promise to you all about getting some files you want uploaded to TPT.
I've had many, many requests to add my Civics and Government Lapbook documents. Thanks to my current bout of insomnia, I have had time to transfer all my files and they are now available.

I teach this Government Unit at the start of the school year. It is a natural extension of the Rights and Responsibilities activities that we cover as we work on setting up a classroom community of learners.
I refer to this lapbook as our Make and Take Study Guide. It includes materials to help students review what they need to know as outlined in Virginia's state objectives and county's curriculum guide.

To make, I use two file folders per child.  I cut the tab off the back of the first folder and the front of the second folder so these two have straight edges.  I overlap the front of one and the back of the other and staple the top and bottom. This actually creates a pocket that students can use to place papers. You will end up with three panels on the inside of this lapbook to use for gluing notes and such. I hope this makes sense!!

 I had my students use construction paper to make a Branches of Government tree which they glued onto the middle panel.
 Notes were stapled to the first panel and an envelope was glued so that a small ziplock bag containing their vocabulary matching cards could be stored inside

Government songs were glued to the back of the last panel.
You could certainly design the lapbook to meet your own needs.

Interested in this set of files?
You can find them at my TPT store:

Thanks for your patience everyone!  Now I just need to do a little of this:

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