Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday's Words for the Week

Well, teachers head back to school on Tuesday for our work week before students arrive on the 21st. I've heard from many teachers across the country who are already back at work with students.  How do we maintain our sanity in the midst of all of the beginning of the year chaos?

I tagged this book on Pinterest and ordered myself a copy on Amazon.

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 We manage to fit in meeting time with parents, teammates, we have enough time for this meeting? Would it help us if we did? What if we remembered to schedule time with Him each morning before we faced our students?  This is one of my favorite songs of inspiration. The lyrics speak to me and  are my words for the week.

Our days as teachers can be hectic, hurried and just plain unpredictable. I know that when I begin my day with prayer and praise I feel more centered and focused and just better able to face whatever comes my way. I need His guidance, His strength,  His wisdom for I can not do it alone.

Gosh, I hope this was not too preachy of a post! What are your thoughts? You know I LOVE to hear from you all so email me!  Wishing you a week of peace -Doris

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