Monday, August 13, 2012

Place Value Check Ups: A Pyramid of Problems

Yes, many of my VA friends are off until after Labor Day so please think of me tomorrow as you are sunning by the pool.   I'll be sitting in a meeting for most of the morning trying my best to stay focused on that and not on all I have yet to do in my room.  I chose not to go in much this summer so I'll have to be on my game tomorrow if I'm to get everything done. Wish me luck!

Before all of that fun starts I thought I'd share the place value check ups I have my students do.  Graphing and Place Value make up the first two big math units we work on with our third graders. I give my students a bit of morning work called the "Check Up" to gauge their understanding of the place value concepts we are covering.  These are quick 10 problem check ups that they do when they come into the classroom.  As soon as they finish they place it in the "Drop Box".  I grab it and look at it quickly right then and there.  If students missed a problem they are called right over and I do a quick reteach on the spot. I believe in immediate error correction so I try not to wait until the next day to go over it with them.  I want it still fresh in their minds so I can hear from them what they were thinking as they solved it. that way  I can help clarify the concept more effectively.

Here is a collection of eight place value sheets that I refer to as Pyramid Problems.  Students have the chance to earn 100 points...each block has a problem in it worth 10 points. Ten blocks build the pyramid. Problem Sheet One is basic place value that they should be able to do from second grade learning.  The difficulty builds with each sheet.

Interested in trying these out with your students?
You can check them out here: