Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday's Words for the Week

Thanks to everyone who responded in email discussion to last week's words! I loved hearing from all of you.  I thought Leslie put it so well when she said," I feel called by our God to teach.  It is my mission field.  There are so many times that I forget and get frustrated at the silly administrative rules.  I have to remember for Whom I am teaching.  There seems to be a lot of negative in our work environment and I want to be His light."

Leslie's message got me thinking of someone who was one such light.   Miss Jennings was my first grade teacher. I don't remember all my college professors and I couldn't tell you all those who taught me in high school, but I remember all the names of my elementary school teachers. More than that I remember how every one of them made me feel. When I think back to  Kindergarten I  remember all that I couldn't do...I couldn't cut on all those lines, I couldn't count to 100 without messing up, I couldn't write with nice straight marks and I couldn't stand school.  It made me feel incompetent and ashamed and I never wanted to go back.

But then came first grade and  God blessed me with Miss Jennings and my whole world brightened.  She had a big, old fashioned cash register and she let me practice my numbers with it until I knew them all.  When I wore my pink sandals  Miss Jennings told me she wished she had some like it and so I begged my mom to let me wear them  almost every day even when I outgrew them and they started to pinch my feet.  Miss Jennings told me I was good at reading and sometimes asked me to sit and read with a little girl who was struggling. I LOVED when I could do that because as I would help her sound out words, I could pretend I was Miss Jennings.   I remember how first grade  made me feel.  It made me feel capable and proud and I never wanted to leave.

I teach because of Miss Jennings. Teachers must never doubt their power or their influence. Over forty years later and Miss Jennings still impacts who I am and what I do. I tried to find her a while back but never could.  I wanted her to know what a difference she made in my life.

So I get to meet my new students on new classroom family.  It is my hope and prayer that God uses me to make that kind of a difference to one of my new that I can be their light... their "Miss Jennings" .

Yes, Amen.    
Thank you Miss Jennings.
Thoughts? Who has been that light for you? I'd love to hear!
Wishing everyone a great first week! - Doris