Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Concrete Poetry: Creating Cloud Art

I am back with another great book find. This one is called Splish Splash by Joan Bransfield Graham.  I am always on the look out for books that can serve as good models or mentor texts.  This one is filled with concrete shape poems.  I want my kids to have fun with writing and language and want to give them plenty of opportunities to "play around" with words in creative ways. Isn't that what we want for our budding writers! This book opens up a whole other way of viewing poetry writing.

Take a look...
Check out these fun pages...

This one also works with alliteration through words like: clicking, clatter, clink, crazily...

I love this ocean one.  Words run like the waves in the sea.

And this Sprinkler poem - how clever!

Looking through this book reminded me how much fun my kids had working with the FREE website  Have you all ever tried this one?  It turns words into cloud art!  So cool, and SO simple to use, I can even do it! 

We used it as we jumped into our animal research last year.  I wanted the kids to get into the habit of pulling out key words that related to the animals they were researching.  I had them skim through nonfiction animal books and to record words they thought would be important when writing about that particular animal.
Then we entered those words into Taxedo and it created this awesome animal art! Kids LOVED it and kept doing more and more - I finally had to cut them off.

There are plenty of animal shapes to choose from on Taxedo and kids can pick their font and color.
Check out some of their creations: 

Play around with it will have fun and so will your kids!
Check out the other cloud art you can make....they have lots of other shapes besides just animals to choose from.  Watch out, once you start it is hard to stop!

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  1. Taxedo is a ton of fun! Love that sight! Great for vocabulary building too.