Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday's Words for the Week

I was recently introduced to a Vienna, Virginia based organization called One Voice. Wow, talk about a difference maker! I'm totally impressed with founder Robbie Schaefer and his mission to "unite children through music and creative expression empowering them to build a just, peaceful and wonder filled world".

We are a passionate community of creators, communicators, and doers, devoted to cultivating and illuminating the creative sparkle in children everywhere.  Oh, and we intend to change the world.
-Robbie Schaefer


The One Voice organization is changing the world and allowing children to play an integral part in the process. The One Voice LaLaLove kid-powered campaign raised over $27,000 to build a school in Tanzania.  Schools, churches and boyscout/girlscout groups across the country participated in this musical fundraiser. Children got to experience how they can use their creativity to connect with others around the world and  make a difference.

LaLaLove Music Video from OneVoice on Vimeo.

Do you know others who desire to connect with children globally and work to change the world?  Are you ready to add your voice? There are volunteer and fundraising opportunities for kids and adults alike through this organization.  Check them out here: