Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let's Talk Books!

Let's talk books!  I've read some page turners this month.
 My summer job involves writing and research, which for me requires discipline, so I've been heading to the library quite often where I thought there would be less distractions. Maybe not my best idea ever.  There are far  too many  intriguing titles lining the walls and calling my name. I've been allowing myself stretch breaks through the book aisles and love wandering through the adult fiction and browsing the cookbook and gardening section but will always find myself drawn into the bright and cheery children's section where it's easy to get lost in the books. My stretch breaks are turning into minutes...far too many minutes.
But who can blame me...look at the collections of themed books those talented librarians have put together. 
How cute are these baskets...complete with coordinating themed fabric? I would love to add these to my own classroom library. I'm making fast friends with the children's librarians (always a good idea)  and am picking their brains for ideas and book recommendations. 

Here is a new find for me that I checked out and LOVE so much that I may need to buy my very own copy.
It is called Mathematickles!  

  Look at this creative way author,  Betsy Franco-Feeney mixes poetry and prose with math.  
Words take the place of numbers in this fun math themed book. 
Words + math + seasons = Mathematickles.
How clever! I have to share some pages with you.  Here are some examples of mathematickles from the summer section: 

And a couple from the fall pages....

What do you think? Could students come up with their own "mathematickles".  
I bet they could and should.
This book's a keeper.
Check work may be undone but my book bag is full!
I'll share more of these new gems (some great adult books too) in the days to come.
Have you come across some "must read" books this summer?
Please tell...
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  1. I LOVE the math poetry book! I will have to bookmark this page to remember to try it this year :) Thank you for sharing!
    - Mariela
    Learning With Mrs. S

  2. This book is awesome!! thank you so much for sharing some of the pages. I'd never heard of it before. I definitely want to go find it for my class! You're right, I think kids would have so much fun making up their own "mathematickles"! Excellent find!

    Thrills in Third Grade