Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reader's Workshop

We have Reader's Workshop for thirty minutes daily. The kids love reading books that THEY choose. I work hard to match kids up with the right books for them. I believe ALL children would love the reading experience if we help them find books that interest them in their independent level. We call them "good fit" books and I teach students how to find just the right books at the very beginning of the year. I also reserve a few minutes at the end of our reader's workshop time for kids to do reading commercials on the books they are reading or have finished. They love this! I use Beth Newington's idea of book nooks in my room. Students are eligible for a Book Nook if they do "real reading" for the full thirty minutes. I pull random clothespins with names on them and assign them to various book nooks so they can get away from their desks and just get comfortable. They may also sign up for AR tests during this period. This is a relaxing and meaningful time of the day for third graders. It also gives me a chance to meet up with my students and have mini reading conferences or run interventions. After reading workshop, my students will often tell me, " I got lost in my book today!" Don't you love it!!

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  1. I found a picture of your "Who's ready for an AR test?" chart on Pinterest. Love it! I now plan to make something similar for my class!