Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are Third Graders Too Old?

I saw the beanie babies used as a reinforcement/teaching tool for reading decoding strategies in the younger grade. I knew that many of my kids still needed reminders with "flipping the sounds" or getting mouths ready when they attempted to decode multisyllabic words. What I didn't know is if my third graders would use the stuffed animals or just laugh at them! Let me tell you, third graders are NOT too old for them. My kids used them and referred to them all year! One of their favs was "chunky monkey". Our class monkey was used not only to help them read but also to attempt spellings of unknown words. I think by this age, kids get what they are intended for and can apply the strategies they represent more effectively. So let them be the kids they are and get yourself a set of beanie babies!


  1. OH MY WORD!!! I just found your blog through the blog stalking linky party. I absolutely LOVE this. I made posters for these same reading strategies but would have never thought to put the animals with them. SOOOOO CUTE!

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  2. Thanks Jena! I found these really cute guys at Joanne's Fabrics. They are place on the board (dry erase) with a magnet so we can remove them quickly and easily when we want to refer to one of them.

  3. I teach third grade, and my students LOVE cutesy activities & displays! They are definitely not too old for Chunky Monkey! :) I am so happy that I stumbled on your blog today. I haven't been able to find too many third grade blogs!


  4. I think that is a great idea! A lot of my third graders would have loved that hanging in my room, and it would have helped them while they were trying to read as well.