Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vocabulary Vine

Words, words and more words! Did you know that research is saying 8 plus meaningful exposures to new vocabulary is really needed before students will truly be able to remember and apply it? I needed even more than that for those students with learning disabilities last year. I immerse my students in language and vocabulary. I explicitly teach it and then consciously reinforce it. One way to keep my math vocabulary in students' sight is with the vocabulary vine. As we learn a new math term, we post it to the vine so that the vine is constantly growing. I cluster similar words together so my students can keep them connected in their minds. The vine is simply colored duct tape that I stick to my wall at the beginning of the year. It comes off cleanly and easily at the end of the year. Duct tape, it's a good thing!


  1. I love this idea - I am moving into a new classroom and will have to incorporate a vocabulary vine as well! Thanks for the idea! Also, I'm curious what you have posted on your windows....??? Just looking for more great ideas!!


  2. This is awesome!!
    Do you do it for all subjects?