Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of Year Gifts

Do you struggle to figure out what to give kids and volunteers at the end of the year? This year my 10 year old daughter came to the party store with me to lend her advice. She actually picked out all the decorations and planned my end of the year party. When I asked her what the kids wanted to do for fun she said, "Get Wet!". So we came up with some water relays and played sharks and minnows on land. She was right, the kids had great fun. I made up this party bag that says, " You worked hard all year, so have a ball this summer." I found mini blow up beach balls, a ball toss game, a pin ball game and put in some candy. I love my class this year because they are always grateful for the little things they get. I know they will love these!

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  1. And...another Clever Gift Idea! Thanks!
    ~ Susan ~