Saturday, June 25, 2011

Five Finger Retell

By third grade much of our reading time is focused on comprehension. I'm constantly checking to be sure students are reading for meaning and one way we do this is with the Five Finger Retell. Here is my retell glove. It was simply a winter mitten that was missing its match. I used velcro to attach the pictures that represent the parts of the retell. Someone put back on the wrong way, the correct sequence is characters, setting, problem, events, conclusion. I introduced this during shared reading and then it moved to the guided reading table, then finally students were able to use this strategy independently during reading response time.


Debbie4CC said...

do you have the circles on a document to share?

abby said...

I love this!!

The Bubblegum Tree said...

Love this! Will be looking for some gloves on the clearance rack!

Miss Speechie said...

would you be able to send me the circles you used??!?!

Thank you!!

memjam99 said...

I too love the idea and wanted to know if you have circles to share.

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