Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Writing and Poetry

Was that really five days?? Done. Already?? My Thanksgiving Break To Do List just became my Christmas Break To Do List! Teachers, I know you all can relate to this! DH just shakes his head at me. But there were more important things to BAKE and EAT and READ and BAKE and EAT and READ... it became a pattern! Throw some Christmas shopping in the mix and I was one happy camper.

I am excited for this holiday season though. At this very minute my daughter is playing Little Drummer Boy on her guitar in the next room. Precious...wish I could capture this moment in a bottle. How about you? Are you ready for some of this...

Yet, the reality is I will need to go to school tomorrow and face the children. I'm extending some Thanksgiving into tomorrow and plan on doing some poetry and writing. I found The Little House Treasury book at the Goodwill this weekend. It is all the Little House books in one big book with bigger print so its easier for younger readers to deal with. Got it for 2 bucks! Do you shop the Goodwill? I love to go treasure hunting at the just never know what you will find! Anyway, the plan is to let Laura Ingalls Wilder help me teach how to write a well crafted descriptive paragraph. I'm pulling a couple of paragraphs out of a chapter entitled, Little House in the Big Woods. I'll scan it and we will read it together with our writer's eyes and ears. We'll listen for how she used sensory details to help the reader feel connected to the story. Then we will attempt to do the same when we write about our own Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Paragraph 2

Got to get some Jack Prelutsky in this season. He is one of my favorite children's poets. The kids will cut the poem and glue it into their Poetry Journal and illustrate for meaning and attempt the follow up. Check out the last two questions on the follow up. Not too early to get them used to test format questions! They will face the state test for the first time later this year.

Thanksgiving Poem


  1. Thank you for sharing the poem and activity! What a great idea to incorporate skills in a fun way. I am just curious, how often do you give your kids poetry? Do you have a particular source for the poems you use? When I taught 1st grade we had a weekly poem, but this is now my 2nd year in 3rd grade and this is something that I have not done a good job with (sadly). Also, YES I am VERY ready for jeans, boots, hot chocolate, hoodies, holidays (Christmas) and coziness!!! Have a great day tomorrow : )

  2. Hi Doris, I'm passing on the Sunshine Award to you. Thanks for all you share and especially for your thoughtful and uplifting "Words for the Week".

    Please visit my blog to read my post about the award.