Sunday, November 6, 2011

Teaching with a Sense of Urgency

OK, so I got a bit of a response from my last post. From your the emails (hello Fairfax friends!) there is no doubt that RTI is a hot topic in schools now. I do like the book I referred to in the last post, "What Really Matters in Response to Intervention". But if you are just starting out like us, I would highly recommend this one by Mary Howard:

In it she writes, "In the last decade, dedicated teachers have watched with sadness as a testing culture has put a stranglehold on education. We are at a crossroads. We can either use response to intervention as an opportuntity to rebuild a positive climate or allow it to devolve into something that takes us even further from the reason most of us became teachers."

I agree wholeheartedly. Talk about a slippery slope... I hope we can use it as it was designed. I believe in it. How about you? What's your experience? I get to listen to Tom Jenkins speak on the topic on Tuesday at an inservice. Can't wait!

It is teacher and author Regie Routman (love her!) who encourages us to "teach with a sense of urgency". Someone sent me this article below. Reading this just reconfirmed this for me!

Third Grade Reading Goal

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  1. Your posts really have me thinking...and freaking out! I've heard of some of my friends implementing RTI in their schools with the help of all adults in the building all pulling groups to work on targeted skills. Unfortunately my school isn't doing this. I have several students who are significantly below grade level and I have little time to help them. My literacy block is limited to 90 minutes. We are required to lots of district and classroom assessments so my students are flexibly grouped into green, yellow, and red groups already. But what do I do with these groups?? Do these professional texts have helpful strategies?? Do you have any quickly implementable strategies?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!!
    Blackboard and Beyond