Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Much Thanks

Thanks soooo much to Patricia at Primary Practice for this bright and cheery award and kind comments. It meant the world to me!! I have gotten so much from all my creative and talented friends. You all help me to remember why we got into all this in the first place and more importantly make me want to stay! So thanks!

So I"m supposed to answer the following questions. Here you go...

Favorite I don't wear it much but it is the color of nature and I LOVE being outside, it recharges me!
Favorite animal....I guess I'll say dogs although mine is testing my patience at the moment (: Maybe a goldfish would have been a better choice (:
Favorite number...No doubt about it...8. Both my children were born on the 8th.
Favorite drink... COFFEE.. just a splash of cream please. Can't wake up without it!
Facebook or Twitter....Neither, never got into it
Passion: My first priority must always be my faith and family. Other passions include running and of course my work. You've got to love what you do.
Favorite Day: Snowdays! Does it get any better than getting a free day and seeing your school on the closed list?? Sorry southern friends! I get more excited than the kids. Hoping for LOTS this winter!

OK. Time to pass on the sunshine. There are SO many. Let's recognize

Amanda at Check out her landform maps!!

Terri at She's a busy one yet still manages to create great stuff!

Mrs. Corbitt at Got some good book recommendations here

Jessica at Followed Jessica's work since finding her in the Second Grade Teacher Network Amazing Stuff

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