Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Connecting Reading and Math

Do you ever need to move on to the next concept even though you know your kids aren't quite ready? Wish I could sit on multiplication a bit longer but according to the pacing calendars I needed to move on over a week ago...Yikes! My kids are already looking dazed and confused!

I'm hoping to ease them into division with some concrete hands on experiences to make it more meaningful and keep them engaged. I'm using literature and these wonderful books to help them understand what it is all about. Love how I can sneak some reading into math! These are awesome books and they have them for all sorts of math concepts.... I introduced the whole concept of division as sharing with the book, The Doorbell Rang. So cute and kids could relate to the idea of sharing. We read and discussed the math throughout this book.

After reading the book, the kids got cookies (cookie crisip cereal) and worked on dividing the cookies.

I led them through this activity so I could continuously make the connections between what they were doing and what we had just learned about multiplication.

Those who were productively working got the right to eat their cookies afterwards.

Here is the recording sheet I made for this activity if you would like it:

Division as Sharing

The next step is to give them experience with division as repeated subtraction. Here is the sheet I made up for this one. I'm using it on Groundhog's Day. Another way third graders can get the holiday in and still keep up with the curriculum!

Here it is if you would like to sneak it in as well....Have fun!

Division Groundhog


  1. Love this! And using Cookie Crisp! So much fun learning:)

  2. My kiddos need some division review so we will definitely be using the groundhog activity!

  3. Cookie Crips!?! What a great idea! I have done the same activity, but not with the cereal (I used boring counters). Next year, I will totally get the Cookie Crisps!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love using The Doorbell Rang for division but never thought of using cookie cereal to go with it. What a great idea! I'll be using this with my lesson. Thanks for sharing!

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