Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday's Words For the Week: Creating a Retreat

I would say many of us would get the same diagnosis at this point in the year! From the response of last Sunday's post I can tell that teachers are as stressed as the kids these days. We're half way through the school year yet have so much more teaching to go. The pressure to get kids ready for their next school step is real and weighing heavily on many of our minds.

So how can we deal with it all without making ourselves crazy or taking it out on our families? I must say that I rely on the teachings found in this book to help me manage the stress and busyness that is my life.

Here is an excerpt on stress and rest: God commands us to rest (Exodus 16:23) So how can we tap into this rest? Simply abide. To rest, I have only to shut out the distractions of the world,draw deep within, and commune with the Lord in the quiet center of my heart where He resides. Though winds of conflict and waves of busyness assail me, I rest safely in the arms of the One who whispers, "Peace, be still."

Lovely words. It is during these quiet moments that I find I am best able to find peace with the stress and change my thoughts and attitudes and make the choice to let the stress go and trust in what is to come.

In my book study class, we talked about creating a home retreat or sanctuary in which to go to find this peace. A bunch of us are creating and sharing our ideas with each other. Mine is simple, a cozy window seat with things nearby that I love and find comfort in like family pictures, books of inspiration, candles, music. It is a place I go to pray and seek God's guidance. Do you have such a place in your home. Do you think it would help if you did? Please join and show us your home retreat.
Please link up and show us a picture (I'll try to show mine next week) or email and tell us about it.


  1. Perfect quote...choose one thought over another. Easy to say...hard to do sometimes.

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  2. Love the quote, too.

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