Friday, January 6, 2012

A Not So Ordinary Estimation Station & A Winner

Here is an idea for a not so ordinary Estimation Station.

It's a real challenge for young children to keep units of measurement organized in their little brains. How can we expect them to remember inches from meters from liters from grams from pints etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on! It can be mind boggling for adults yet we want our wee ones to keep all the metric and standard measurement straight AND to be able to use them effectively!

One way I try to help them along is by giving them lots of practice using different measurement tools and units of measurement all year long...not just during the two weeks or so when I teach the unit.

This is where the Estimation Station fits in. It is not the kind of station where you throw some candy in a jar and ask kids to estimate the number. Instead I set up a situation in which kids have to estimate the size, weight or even temperature of things. I set up the situation in the beginning of the week and then students have until the end of the week to visit that area and make their estimation. At the end of the week we measure to find out the actual measurement. Here is an example of the estimation we have set up currently in our room:

I write what they are estimating and in what unit on sticky notes so I can change it out each week or so. Some other estimations we have done:
time it takes for icecube to melt in minutes, temperature inside a mitten in degrees Fahrenheit, weight of a piece of coal in grams, etc. etc.

Kids can even help you think of some! There are weeks when I put a child in charge of running the whole station.

Here is an estimation station sign for those who may try this idea out.

Estimation Station 2
OK here is another one...estimate the number of days late Doris will be in announcing the winner of the questioning apron? 1, 2, 3! The correct answer is 6 days late. Yikes! Time certainly got away from me. Better late than never huh? The name picked out from the hat was: Paula!! Congrats!


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