Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday's Words for the Week

The first month of 2012 is FLYING by! I found this and loved it! It's hanging on my bulletin board in my home office where I can see it everyday. Well, I didn't pick a great week to begin my focus on my 2012 goal of "live in the moment". I was sick and my moments were filled with flu like symptoms! My kids did a good job putting up with a teacher who couldn't get through a lesson without a coughing fit and one who gave far too many independent activities. A sweet moment came when a boy entered the room one morning, looked at me and said, "Oh thank God! I was sure we were going to have a substitute!" He then proceeded to greet kids as they came saying, "It's OK guys, Mrs.Young's here." Honestly, I was touched. I wouldn't have wanted me for a teacher last week! (:

I try to go for a good run every day if I can. Last week I was doing good just to drag myself out the door and into my classroom. I missed my workouts and felt myself getting crankier and crankier. I got back on the treadmill this weekend and am a new person!

So true for me! Do you think this works for our students too? In the book, "The Highly Engaged Classroom", Robert Marzano shares research that indicates that programs which promote physical movement have a positive effect on students' ability to attend and focus.

He mentions a school that created an "Exer-learning Lab" that is equipped with treadmills and stationary bikes connected to video consoles. Selected students with academic concerns spend time here prior to reading to help them focus better when back in the classroom. What do you think about that?

I wanted to finish this post by mentioning Rachel's word for 2012 posted in the comments last week. It is BREATHE! I loved it...awesome! It made me think of what a great destressing strategy just breathing is! I got a chance to hear someone speak on High School Student Stress a few years back. She shared the 1-3-10 strategy with us. Do you know of it? I train my students to use it in the beginning of the year. It uses slow breathing as a way to help students deal with school stress and to get them ready to learn. I use it if the energy level is too high in the classroom, like sometimes after recess or lunch or if we are ready to learn something new and hard. (Or sometimes if their teacher is feeling stressed and needs it!) It really does work. Here are the steps below if you want to give it a try:
One Three Ten

How about you? Do you have a calm down strategy that you use with your students? I'd love to hear!!


  1. Doris, I always try to read your words for the week because they are uplifting and inspiring. Thanks for the 1-3-10 download-great exercise for all of us!

    Can you tell me the source for the quote in the frame above ("You're just one work out away from a good mood")? Definitely a good motivator :)

    Have a great week!

    primary practice

  2. Love the 1-3-10 download! I've got some kiddos that could really use this strategy! In our room, when we come in really wound up or stressed after a recess disagreement the students join me in this saying (they repeat each line after me)
    I will be bright
    and happy
    streams of power
    run through my veins
    and all is well.

    We say the words bright, cheerful, and happy with lots of enthusiasm, 'streams of power' sounds like an announcer saying it, and we take a deep breath to calmly say 'and all is well.' They love it and it is a fun reminder that we're all in it together.

  3. As usual I LOVE your Sunday's Words for the Week. I will be printing and hanging so that I too can be reminded throughout this year of those very wise words. Thanks so much!!!

  4. I so appreciate your kind comments! Jessica, I love your words of cheer that you say with your kids! That is sure to turn around anyone's mood! Love the "streams of power"! How great it must be to hear the kids say that line! Patricia, one of my running buddies sent that to me. She said she got it from Pinterest. Not sure who the original source was but just love it.

  5. Thanks, Doris! I 'll have to check out Pinterest :) Have a great week!

  6. I have been doing brain gym exercises for the last few years. I particularly love how quick and easy the movements are- I don't teach ALL of the movements but a few key ones and it's great that it is such an independent thing. I have kids that stop and calm themselves down without having to ask- it's a joy!

  7. Hi,

    I just became a follower after reading Patricia's post at Primary Practice. Love the 10, 3,1 strategy. Sometimes we just tend to dive into our gut reactions, only to regret it later. Thank you!

    First Impressions