Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pinterest Recipe Success!

This post is pretty off topic except for the fact that as teachers I think we are all looking for quick, easy yet delicious dinner ideas. With lesson plans, conferences, grading, who has time for cooking?? I know of some who find cooking relaxing but for me it is just the opposite. Dinner is just one more thing on my to do list. I want simple cooking and clean up! So here is another reason I love pinterest. I'm finding tons of yummy looking recipes to try, and I can keep the pins of the ones that work for me. It's like having my own on line cookbook.
I'm trying out some recipes I found and letting my family rate them. And you know they are simple because if they aren't I'm not even going to try them. Here are some winners. In our house my family calls them, "Do Overs". You can find all these recipes on my Pinterest or just click the link to go directly to the recipe site.

Here is Number One: This baked chicken parmesan dish got huge raves from everyone. I LOVE, LOVED, LOVED the simplicity of it. Great for a busy evening. You can get it assembled super quickly and then have time to get to that stack of papers you need to grade while it bakes. Yeah, or maybe do what I did and bag the papers and instead just pin some more.

This next one is also YUM-O! Packed with great flavor and mine came out moist and delish. Also got great review from everyone. So simple and this one baked in just 25 minutes.

OK then top it all off with the BEST banana pudding recipe ever! Love me some Paula Dean puddin'! The Chessman cookies on top made a great presentation. I took it to a church potluck and it got gobbled up. I try not to do much sugar but this was just tooooooo good. Great comfort food dessert after a stressful day, but watch out you might end up eating the whole darn thing!

So now your turn...Have you had pinterest recipe success. Oh please do tell!!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! Those look yummy!! I'm going to have to pin those! One recipe that I loved, have made three times already are for peppermint meringues. They are easy, though they take time in the oven, but delish! I also made Chicken Ala King from The Sister's Cafe. Really cool idea, I can't get my "crowns" to come out like theirs, but it is a great dish. Then I also have made breakfast eggs, also from The Sister's Cafe. I think the peppermint meringues were from Thanks again for sharing!

  2. My family is IN LOVE with the 7-up biscuits that I found on Pinterest. So easy and only 4 ingredients. You have to try them! My dinners could use a little updating. Thanks for posting these. I'm putting them in the rotation! I'm a new follower : )